Restore Emergency Unemployment Benefits

Over the past five years, 69 million people have relied on unemployment benefits, including 17 million children. On December 28 these emergency benefits expired and 1.3 million Americans headed into the holiday season choosing between putting food on their tables or paying bills and keeping a roof over their heads.

Another 850,000 will run out of benefits between January and March. Combined with recent food stamps cuts, this will have a devastating effect on struggling families and be a heavy blow to the economy as well.

Congress may be congratulating itself on passing a budget, but their "success" is built on the backs of the most vulnerable among us. Congress is back in session and debating a benefit extension at the expense of cutting other vital programs.

Please sign this petition, to be delivered to Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi:

Congress must immediately restore emergency unemployment benefits without negotiating saving offsets that will further hurt families, children and our most vulnerable citizens.

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